Dinas Bran translates as Crow City in English, but it is usually known as 'Crow Castle', 'Hill of the Crow' or 'Bran’s Stronghold'. Castell Dinas Bran is set high above Llangollen, on the North side of the River Dee, and can be seen for miles around and is one of several Castles in North Wales.

It was first fortified in the Iron Age and the remains of these defensive earthworks can still be seen. The first castle on the site is thought to date from the 8th century AD. The castle which stands today was probably built in the late 1260’s by Gruffyd Maelor II, son of Madog ap Gruffyd Maelor I. In 1277 it was besieged and captured by an English army under the command of the Earl of Lincoln. He reduced the castle to a ruin. Edward I did consider restoring the castle, but never did, and Castell Dinas Bran has remained a picturesque ruin ever since.

Also nearby: Chirk Castle

Just a few miles this side of the Wales-English border, about 20 minutes drive away, Chirk Castle is owned by the National Trust.